IT Consultancy Service

IT Consultancy

Unlocking Insights for Optimized IT Infrastructure

Service Overview:

Our IT consultants offer valuable insights to optimize your technology landscape. We conduct a thorough assessment of your current infrastructure, providing expert recommendations to enhance efficiency and align your IT strategy with your business goals. With our guidance, you can leverage technology to drive growth.

Initial Consultation

  • Price: Free
  • Assessment Duration: 1 Hour
  • Recommendation Report: Basic


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In-Depth Consultation

  • Comprehensive insights and strategy
  • Price: R2,499
  • Assessment Duration: Half Day
  • Recommendation Report: Detailed


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Strategic Consultation

  • Tailored IT strategy for growth
  • Price: R4,999
  • Assessment Duration: Full Day
  • Recommendation Report: Comprehensive


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Ad-Hoc Pricing: Troubleshooting and technical support for specific issues – R550 per hour

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